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Revathi GmbH is one of the renowned and established consultation companies for market research and project management. We support small and medium scale international companies building bridges to India. Based on our experience, we offers our customers the following services:

  • Comprehensive market entry research.
  • Consultancy on import and export according to local rules and restrictions.
  • Relocation services.
  • Project and property management.

Revathi GmbH, organizes and manages your resources to bring on the successful completion of your specific goals and objectives. We diligently manage your resources like scope, time and budget accordingly.

Revathi GmbH accompanies our clients through all phases: initiation, planning and design, executing, monitoring and controlling up to the final stage of closing.

Revathi GmbH core areas are business development and business consultancy. Revathi GmbH greatest resource are their partners in India who represent experience and expertise as well as the strong will to deliver only perfect solutions to our clients.

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Leitfaden für die Geschäftstätigkeit in Indien: Was man tun und nicht tun sollte

1. Um in Indien ein Unternehmen gründen zu können, darf man den indischen Markt nicht nur aus einer Sicht betrachten, denn zunächst ist es wichtig zu verstehen, wie die Dinge in Indien

2014-12-10 13:23:14




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