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Best Cities To Set Up Business In India

In a country as vast as India, choosing the right city to act as the perfect landing spot for your business can be tricky. Depending on the type of business you want to open, the location has to be close to a source of raw materials, a transport network and the type of consumers you want to target. Here are our top 4:

New Delhi

The capital of India, the seat of the Indian Government, and home to a population of 25 million, New Delhi is as diverse and the entire country itself. In the last decade the city has seen a number of companies open their offices due to the presence of good infrastructure, a large consumer presence, and a favorable environment for emerging businesses.
The World Bank named Patna to be the second most favorable city for conducting business in India. Still a developing and emerging city, Patna has a population of 1.7 million and is best suited for businesses which have focus on the agricultural sector.
Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, and has been a long time favorite for large multinationals and is the home of some major Indian conglomerates too. It has a conducive business environment along with a readymade market of consumers who have substantial buying power.
Considered to be the manufacturing hub of India, the city recently became the shared capital of the two newly formed states, Telangana and the remaining Andhra Pradesh, parts of erstwhile greater Andhra Pradesh. The city has welcomed big companies dealing in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in the past few years.

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