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The guide for doing business in India: what not to do

1. Treating the Indian market with a one-sided vision As someone who is interested in setting up shop in India, it is first important to understand exactly how things work here. The country has a diverse population and each group has their own preferences, either through demographics, language or culture. Therefore, it is better to meet the other to each segment.

2. Invest money and no time To make a better impression and garner significant results are an active participant in the process of setting up your business. This will help you improve your understanding and help you make informed decisions about the long and short term strategy of your company.

3. Equal treatment for staff motivation with bonuses In India, employees tend to look further than to consider the salary and things such as the appointment or job title. They have their own set of expectations that you need to take care of. The best solution is to hire someone from the same place to deal with employee related matters, not in the way you would like, but in the way that is appropriate for that particular place.

4. Expecting Quick Results Every Time As an entrepreneur you need to be aware that achieving goals through a business takes time and effort. Given the complexity of the Indian market, you must be patient enough and willing to put in continuous efforts for a period of time before any major successes or profit to be pop up. As India opens its doors to foreign businessmen, you just have the road by other multinationals that have already established than to see here. Learn from their mistakes and their successes. Rent a partner or market research that can help you set up camp and fill in all the essentials for doing business in India.

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