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Revathi GmbH has some of the smartest market research specialists in the business. They have not only expertise and experience, but also peopleĀ“s skills and the commitment to bring out the best in themselves, their team and the entire organisation.

Formal Training. Many in our team have post-graduate degrees in such diverse fields as market research, psychology, operations research, social research, statistics, mathematics, marketing, advertising, engineering and computer science.

Experience. Most of our senior team members have worked for over ten years as market research consultants in various multinational and independent agencies in india. Others come from academic and the government sector. Some have buying experience in large public and private organisations. Others were previously in management consulting and marketing.

Accreditations and Professional Qualifications. Revathi GmbH is accredited across all of our activities. Our researchers, analysts and operations specialists are full members of the Indian Market & Social Research Society.

Industry Contributions. Our researchers are regularly invited to present technical papers on a variety of subjects such as pricing, choice modelling, internet, and advanced statistical methods. Revathi GmbH research group contributes to the development of the industry by serving on the elected executive council and leading the campaign for practitioner accreditation.

Quality. The Revathi GmbH team is committed for fully integrated and a leading provider of value added service. Policy is to exceed the customer expectation by continously improving the quality of its service. Provide reliable, uninterrupted and quality data to its clients. Provide prompt and economical value added services to its customer. Ensure continuous improvement in system and process.

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